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The local communities (called Ribeirinhas) of the Mamirauá-AM-BRAZIL region, anchored between the waters of the annual cycle of an unknown Amazon. Feelings submerged by the inevitable confrontation with survival reflected in a dazzlingly rough routine.
The discovery of this mutant society began in 2010 in a first trip to the Amazon region that aroused in me the desire to research and to reveal the magnitude of the "Lost Paradise of Euclides". ( Euclides da Cunha, one of the most influent Brazilian writer from the XX century .  

The vision of the whole and the reflection of its variables have been achieved through expeditions to this region since then. A cut of this recent result I present in this composite photographic essay in 2016, where I find the poetic axis of my photographic work, through the capture of images with the technical maturation of the use of dual exposition.

Copyright © heloisa lodder

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