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Heloisa Lodder de Oliveira (São Paulo, 1969). She was born and works in São Paulo, the capital. Since 2016 she has dedicated to the studies of the Visual Arts, by investigating the human's behaviors towards the environment in which they live. 

Bachelor of Graphic Design from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, 1991, she dedicated for more than fifteen years in her company, and next to this period she turned her studies to photography and the visual arts. 

She works with photography, digital resources, sound capture, and other media and techniques, as well as collects urban fragments found in her pathways in the city.

In 2018, among other highlights, she was one of the winners of the StreetProjections2018 Awards during the European Month of Photography-EMOP, Berlin, Germany


2020    Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person |  Minimalist Photography Award, 2020  |  1o Lugar 

2020    Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person  |   Minimalist Photography Award, 2020  |  2o Lugar  

2020    Three-Dimentinality of Memory  |  Minimalist Photography Award, 2020  |  Menção Honrosa 

2019      Prize award Museum of Photography of Fortaleza - Portfolio Review FestFoto 2019, Nominated

2018      Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - PhotoWerkBerlin/ EMOP European Month of Photography - Street Projections 2018 - Winner

2018      Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - LensCulture Street Photography Award 2018 - Series Finalist 



2019   REPOSICINAMENTOS - New Gallery, SP, BR

2018   Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - Street Projections 2018 - Photo Werk Berlin/ EMOP European Month of Photography, DE

2018   Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - Screening - Les Rencontres d 'Arles, FR

2018   PhotoBook The Father of Lightnings - Tiradentes Festival of Photography, Tiradentes, BR

2017   PhotoBook The Father of Lightnings - Instituto Moreira Salles/IMS, Zum Festival, São Paulo, BR


2018    EMOP European Month of Photography 2018- Street Projections 2018 - PhotoWerkBerlin




The photobook The Father of Lightnings was selected and exhibited on ZUM 2017 Festival. It's cataloged on the library of INSTITUTO MOREIRA SALES/IMS-SP.
It was created by a group of photographers, on the city of Santos-SP, during the second edition of Valongo - International Image Festival - October 2017.

Concept and coordination: Walter Costa, Ivan Padovani
Participating artists: Alexandre França, Bruna Berthond, Heloisa Lodder, Marina Ejima, Paulo Ochandio, Raphaela Boghi, Weslei Barba e Yuri Veroneze




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