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Heloisa Lodder de Oliveira (São Paulo, 1969). She was born and lives in São Paulo, capital.
She focuses on studies of the Visual Arts and  investigates the men’s behavior towards the environment in which they live.

Bachelor of Graphic Design from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, 1991. She’s had dedicated to her own company for fifteen years.
At the end of this period, she start studying photography and ecological landscaping. Fact that determines her first visit to the Amazon (2010); and the beginning of her questions it presents in hers work.
Through photography, she raises her awareness about the feeling of belonging between man and the forest. Matters that reverberate her investigation about the predatory human action on the nature, and the planet, in front of the growth of the great urban centres.

She alerts: We are walking towards to increasingly uninhabitable cities.


LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2018, Finalist

LensCulture Portfolio, Heloisa Lodder

LensCulture on FaceBook, Street Photography Award, 2018


Bachelor of Graphic Design - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, 1991



One Year Certificate in Multimedia Web Design - CEA, San Francisco-CA , 2001

Design de Fotografia - Panamericana de Artes/SP, 2004

Pós-Graduação em fotografia/ Senac Lapa/SP, 2005 (1o year)

Design da Paisagem - IBRAP – Instituto Brasileiro de Paisagismo/SP, 2010



Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - LensCulture Street Photography Award 2018, Finalist 



PhotoBook The Father of Lightnings - Instituto Moreira Salles/IMS, Zum Festival, BR, 2017

Studies on The Dignity of the Human Person - Les Rencontres d 'Arles, FR, 2018


The photobook The Father of Lightnings is selected in the ZUM 2017 Festival, exhibited and cataloged in the INSTITUTO MOREIRA SALES/IMS-SP library. 
It was collectively developed in Santos from October 5th to 8th 2017, during the second edition of Valongo - International Image Festival.

Concept and coordination: Walter Costa, Ivan Padovani
Participating artists: Alexandre França, Bruna Berthond, Heloisa Lodder, Marina Ejima, Paulo Ochandio, Raphaela Boghi, Weslei Barba e Yuri Veroneze


Les Rencontres d 'Arles, France 2018 - 2018

Group of the Studies on Visual Arts  Julie Belfer – 2018 - current

Festival Zum 2017 – IMS/Paulista – 2017

Diálogos na PARTE – 2017

8a Mostra SP de Fotografia – 2017

Grupo de Estudos Entre o Fotojornalismo e a Arte/SP - Gringo Coletivo (Gui Christ e Gabi di Bella)/ Galeria DOC - Jul-Dez 2017

Festival da Imagem – VALONGO – Santos/Sp - 2017

Workshop – Realização Coletiva do Fotolivro O Deus do Relâmpago com Walter Costa e Ivan Padovani/ VALONGO – Festival Internacional da Imagem/Santos-SP – 2017

Workshop Bússola Fotográfica com Carlos Carvalho – CEI Madalena - 2017

MASP Seminários – Histórias Indígenas com Claudia Andujar – 2017

Workshop com Caio Reizewitz/ Festival da Serrinha/SP – 2007

História da Fotografia – Simonetta Persicheti/ MAM-SP – 2007

Grupo de Estudos Leitura de Grandes Fotógrafos – Marcelo Grecco/ MAM-SP – 2005-2007

Workshop Descondicionamento do Olhar – Claudio Feijó/SP – 2005

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