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copyright © heloisa lodder


Belonging, series 2017

Archival print on cotton paper

90 x 110cm

Edition 2/5 + 2PA




The link between man and the forest.

The feeling of belonging in nature is inherent to man. It has always been.
Man belongs in the forest, and depends on it - this is an intrinsic relationship. Infinite, if we were not the greatest threat our the planet's biodiversity, destroying forests, channeling rivers, heating the Earth, and creating uninhabitable cities for ourselves.

In this image narrative captured in the Amazon forest, art establishes a dialog with nature and its main predator, man. It draws attention to a rescue of this feeling of belonging in the forests, without which our existence is threatened.
It is not by chance that the catches in the double exposition of this project occur in the middle of the Amazon forest, in a remote region, where I instinctively understood to be a part of nature.

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